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Favorable Prices

We all have been there to start this path of online sales, and we all had numerous questions about every aspect of this business. Our team of professionals is here for your comfort to work with us. Our clients successfully trade on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy, Poshmark, and many other platforms. If you are experiencing luck of knowledge but you wish to sale online, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Individual Approach

We work with a win-win approach because we understand that the success of your business is directly related to our success. Thus, we fight for every client and we constantly offer great deals, accommodate individual and special conditions to support our partnership. Contact us and let’s discuss your inquiry!

Convenient Location

Everyone who has ever had deal with sending their merchandise to the Amazon warehouse, they know how important it is when a preparation center is NOT located close to the overwhelmed Amazon warehouse. This is because of the processing time there can take up to several months. We are located in Las Vegas, NV which is 15 minutes away from LAS1, LAS6, LAS7 warehouses.

Data Privacy

Our Company was founded by those that know that e-commerce isn’t just an empty promise. We understand how much important confidentiality is for our partners. We do not share our partners’ personal information with third parties, we do not identify the merchandises by their competitors, we do not make attempts to sell the same merchandise as yours. Our main goal is to make your business as much successful as possible.

About Us

Tetris Prep was founded to comply with the highest customer service standards, merchandise processing, and to mountain great spirit and strong win-win relationship. We chose an advantageous location (Las Vegas, NV), comfortable warehouse (one floor, no need for additional lifting charges, etc.), very loyal team of professionals that are ready to assist you 24/7/365. Thank you for trusting us!

Happy Customers

Kate. Amazon, Shopify

Found Tetris Prep by recommendation. The processing speed is pleasantly surprising! Thanks for the detailed explanation of all the nuances! It is very rare to find a company that has such a responsible attitude to business!

Evgen. Amazon, Etsy, EBay

Reliable partners! Alex helped me a lot with the start, as I launched my first product on Amazon through them.

Nick. Amazon, EBay, Poshmark

I've been working with TetrisPrep for almost a year now, the guys know their stuff. Orders are processed with the light of speed.

Sergey. Amazon Seller

Thank you guys for the great work! | 6885 Speedway Boulevard Y108, Las Vegas, NV 89115 | (323) 819-6955